The review content requirements

1. The review must include a qualified analysis of the article material, its objective and compelling assessment and clearly well-founded recommendations.

2. In the review the special attention should be given to coverage of the following issues:

  • Timeliness analysis of the topic and scientific level of the article.
  • Compliance of the article content with its title.
  • Assessment of the article preparedness for publication in respect of language and style, as well as conformance to the specified requirements for designing the article materials.
    The scientific character of statement and compliance of the methods, techniques, guidelines and research results used by author with the modern science.
    The adequacy and rationality of the scope of the article as a whole and its individual elements (text, illustrations, literature references). The expediency of the illustrative material location in the article and its compliance with the stated theme.
  • Place of the peer-reviewed manuscript in the historiography: whether or not it duplicates the works of other authors or the previously printed works of this author (both in whole and in part).
  • The comments and wishes of the reviewer should be objective, principal and aimed at raising the scientific level of manuscript.

3. The final part of the review must contain the well-founded conclusions on the article as a whole and a clear, unambiguous recommendation on expediency or inexpediency of its publication or remarks allowing the author to make corrections.