Terms and conditions of publication

Themes of articles

Online journal «World of Science» accepts for publication the research articles on pedagogy and psychology specialties:

19.00.00 Psychological sciences;

13.00.00 Pedagogical sciences.

Who is allowed to publish an article?

We pay your attention that Online journal «Science studies» does not publish articles, where the sole author is a student or a graduate student. The works of students and graduate students can be published only under condition of the co-authorship with the candidate or doctor of sciences.

Publication ethics

The editorial staff and editorial board are guided by the standards elaborated by the Committee on the Publication Ethics (COPE) — http://publicationethics.org/ and norms prescribed in the Declaration of the Association of science editors and publishers entitled «Ethical principles of the scientific publications«.

If you want to publish an article in our journal, please get to know the Ethical rules for authors.

Authors’ rights

Our journal publishes the articles under the terms and conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC -BY) license. In more detail on the authors’ rights …


The presence of the Institute of reviewing (for expert evaluation of manuscripts) is one of the basic requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission (WAC) to the scientific journals, where the research results are published.

Articles are published in the online journal «World of Science» and go the bilateral blind review procedure. All necessary information on the reviewing you can be found on the pages of the Rules of reviewing and Ethical Rules for Reviewers.


Prior to publication in the journal all articles undergo a checkout for the presence of borrowings. The articles containing less than 70 % of unique text are not published in the journal.
Position of journal concerning plagiarism, information on check of articles for the presence of borrowings and the measures taken by the editorial staff in the case of such detection on the page Anti-plagiarism Policy. We ask all authors, who wish to publish their articles in the journal, to get acquainted with the information presented there.

Policy of the article retraction

In some exceptional case the editorial staff has to retract the publication. This information is presented on the page Policy of the article retraction.

Transfer of the published articles for placement at RSCI

According to the WAC requirements the online journal «World of Science» transmits the journal issues for placement at the Russian Science Citation Index during three months from the end of the issue preparation.

Pay your attention that the processing of the transmitted issues on the side of the National Electronic Library also takes a long time. In connection with this the editorial board applies the best efforts to transmit issues for placement as soon as possible.

The detailed information on the transfer of the journal issues to the RSCI (in Russian).

Cost of publication

Please, get to know with the service charge of the editorial office on the page Prices, discounts, services.