Prices, discounts, services

Activities of the «World of Science» journal is funded through the authors who want to publish the results of scientific research.

Payments of editorial-and-publishing services is made only after the article is accepted for publication. For submission of article, its check and reviewing no fee is charged.

Cash received from provision of the editorial-and-publishing services are spent on maintaining the journal site, ensuring uninterrupted access to the published articles, payment of the published article transfer in the RSCI and reimbursement of the editorial costs associated with the publication of research results given by the authors.

Prices of the main editorial-and-publishing services:

Publication of the scientific articles

With the page count from 10-12 to 50-60 thousand characters, including spaces:

Cost of publication of one article for a period of 35 working days is 4900 rubles.

The term is calculated in working days from the date when the article was queued up on publication.

Submitting an article to the editorial office, please specify timing and amount that you are interested!

Discounts for the author’s special status

The author or the identical team of co-authors*, who published 5 articles in the journal, obtain the status of «permanent authors» and have the possibility to be published at discount at the cost of 3800 rubles at the term of 30 working days.

Members of the editorial board/editorial team have the ability to publish one free article per year, the rest of articles can be published with 50% discount regardless of the presence of co-authors.

Free of charge!

There is published each 10th article (of the same author or identical team of co-authors*).

* What is «identical team of co-authors» ? For example, the authors Ivanov, Petrenko and Mkrtchyan together published 5 articles. In this case all of them obtain the status of a permanent author, and hereafter they can be published at discount singly or in various combinations. BUT, if Ivanov, Petrenko and Mkrtchyan will want to add a new co-author — Rabinovich, then a discount is not provided.