Policy of the article retraction

In some exceptional case the editorial staff has to retract the publication.

One can list the following reasons that lead to retracting:

  • detection of plagiarism in the article, including discovery of borrowings of figures, graphs, tables and so on. The editorial staff carefully checks all incoming materials for the presence of borrowings. However to detect plagiarism is technically impossible in 100 % of cases. If plagiarism became apparent after the article has been published, the editorial staff of the journal initiates a check, as a result of which the article can be retracted (for more detail, see anti-plagiarism policy of journal «World of Science. Pedagogy and Psychology»);
  • detection of techniques in the article text that affect the factors of text uniqueness. Despite the fact that the editorial board checks all texts on the presence of such modifications, in the case of detection likes after publication of the article it is retracted;
  • appearance of claims regarding the authors’ rights on the article or its part from third parties. In the event of such circumstances the editorial board of the journal initiates a check. Based on the check results the article may be retracted. At the discretion of the editorial board the article may be removed from publication for the duration of such check;
  • detection of the fact of article publication in another journal. In this case the editorial board of the journal initiates check with participation of representatives of the publishing house, which published an article. Based on this review article may be retracted;
  • default on the financial obligations by author to the editorial board. In some cases the journal is obliged to publish not yet paid publications. The editorial board gives a notice to the authors of such articles with a request to pay for the editorial services. In the event the author has failed to fulfill his obligations the article is retracted.

Please note, that the funds paid by the author on account of the editorial services are not returned. This is due to the fact that the article published in the journal undergoes a variety of checks, reviewing and makeup following which is transmitted to the citation systems and electronic libraries and receives DOI number, etc.. In connection with this the editorial board bears the corresponding expences.

In case of detection of plagiarism or techniques enabling to hide their presence in the article, the articles are permanently retracted without recoverability. Otherwise, the decision is made individually.