Ethical rules for reviewers

  1. A review of manuscript must take place in an atmosphere of confidentiality. The reviewers are notified that the manuscripts sent to them are the authors’ intellectual property and they are related to the highly confidential information. Presenting a manuscript for review, the authors entrust reviewers with results of their scientific work and creative effort, on which their reputation and career may depend. Disclosure of the confidential details of the manuscript review violates a copyright. The reviewers should not communicate information concerning the manuscript (including information on its receipt, content, review process, reviewers’ criticisms and ultimate decision), none but the authors themselves. Breach of confidentiality is possible only in the case of application on uncertainty or falsification of materials, in all other cases its preservation is obligatory.
  2. The reviewers are not permitted to make copies of articles for their needs. They must not use their knowledge on the contents of work before its publication in their own interests.
    Any chosen reviewer, who feels inadequate qualification for consideration of the manuscript or hasn’t sufficient time for a quick work performance, should notify the editor of journal «World of Science» and ask to exclude him from the process of reviewing relevant manuscript.
  3. Any manuscript received for review should be considered as a confidential document. One cannot open this work and discussed it with any persons who have not authority from the Editor.
  4. The reviewer must give an objective assessment. The personal criticism of author is unacceptable.
  5. Reviewers should clearly and reasonably express their opinions.
  6. The reviewers should not participate in the examination of manuscripts in case of conflicts of interests as a result of the competitive, cooperative and other interactions and relationships with any of the authors, companies or other institutions associated with the submitted work.