Author’s rights

The editorial board of the journal «World of Science. Pedagogy and Psychology» acts in accordance with chapter 70, part 4 of the Civil Code (

According to this law the following objects are NOT subjects of a copyright, i.e. they are not protected and registered:

  • ideas, methods, processes, systems, means, concepts, principles, discoveries;
  • official documents;
  • state symbols and signs;
  • folk art works;
  • news on events and facts that have an informational character.

The entire content of the journal «World of Science. Pedagogy and Psychology» is distributed under Creative Commons Attribution (CC-BY) license.

Creative Commons — is a nonprofit organization and the same name family of public licenses. Basis of the Creative Commons idea lies in the fact that the author, publishing his work under the terms of license, may transfer some of his rights to community, retaining others. This contributes to providing broader, free and above all the legal usage of creative works.

Our journal publishes articles on the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC -BY) license.

It is the most free of all family Creative Commons license, which allows consumers of content to copy, distribute, reproduce, perform and refine your work protected by the authors’ rights, provided naming the author of work, that is the most convenient when publishing scientific works in the free access.

In the last few years, usage of this license in the scientific community has become common practice. Under the terms of CC-BY license the articles are published in journals of PLOS project, the scientific electronic library KiberLeninka and many other journals and databases of the scientific papers in Russia and abroad. Under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license the materials of the Russian Federation President’s website are published.

Before publication of article in our journal we encourage authors to become familiar with the terms of the license ( and its full text (, as well as make sure that you understand how the license is working.